001: Dead on arrival.


Daniel watched the blood and realized then that he really didn’t like the sight of blood. He did as was directed, with a small smile when she made fun of him. “I think you’re just upset that I haven’t got an accent.” Daniel told her. Only when he spoke certain words did he sound like he wasn’t from America. Every once in awhile, the words slipped and usually, someone called him on it. Perhaps they did verbally, they smiled and asked him to repeat himself. Other times, they simply stared at him as it all clicked in their minds. Either way, he didn’t appreciate it and often would make certain that he didn’t repeat himself in a way that made him sound too foreign. The only time he used his accent to his advantage was when he needed to sound intelligent. For whatever reason, that always worked.

He sat comfortable in a chair and tried not to drip blood on himself or the chair. “Hilarious, sorry I didn’t want to bleed everywhere.” Though, it wouldn’t have created a pool, simply drops that came out a little faster than he had expected and without a towel, he hadn’t reacted quick enough to just catch the blood in his other hand. He wasn’t exactly the brightest either, it hadn’t occurred to him until afterwards to simply do that. At least he had Viola, she cared for him with enough teasing that he could simply mock her laugh and they were even. He was glad to have someone like her. He could spend the rest of his life just laughing with her.

He planned to. Once he had enough money, the possible proposal would be a definite. Luckily, Daniel had been able to transfer jobs. She hadn’t been aware, but they had asked him much earlier on. It was either that or he would be laid off and though his job wasn’t the highest paying, it was a job. It was something. He had found this place with ease, the last owners left quickly and before them, a woman had died. It was cheap, big enough for the two of them. “I think I might need a joint or a cigarette instead of tea now.” Daniel said as he watched her walk away towards the tea pot.

"What?" Daniel asked as he rose a brow and when she sat down on his lap, he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Well, she didn’t use it for tea. Maybe we shouldn’t use it." From the story that the realtor had disclosed to them, it sounded as if she hadn’t had any relatives. At least, none were able to be tracked. "I mean, if we use it respectfully, I don’t see why not. Bills, food, shit like that. You know, for karma. We’re the good guys, y’know?" Daniel said. "I think I want a joint, yeah. Want to take a walk outside with me, babe?" Somewhere, he had all of his paraphernalia packed away but he was too lazy to look for it.

"Are you kidding me? Accents are my downfall." Vi told him with a small giggle bubbling in her throat, she leaned in, pressing a kiss on the side of his head, before lowering her lips to his cheek, planting a kiss there as well, then finally, reaching his lips. "You should only speak in your British accent with me from now on." The brunette teased, knowing for a fact that it would never happen. Not that she cared much about it. She couldn’t really imagine what would have happened to her if sweet, adorable and extremely nerdy Daniel hadn’t scooped her up from her pool of lies and eccentricity, while being a mean girl along with some stupid friends from high school. Well, actually, she could imagine it, she just didn’t like the outcome.

With that, she pulled the first-aid kid to her, paying closer attention to his cut, applying some pressure on it to stop the bleeding, before she applied some anti-septic to clean the wound, finally sealing it with a band-aid and a kiss. “There, as good as new, my sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet patient.”  Viola said in between pecks on his lips, cupping his cheeks in her hands and then, nudged the tip of his nose with hers, chuckling lightly after. The brunette didn’t take long to push herself up and stretch her back before glancing at her boyfriend again when he suggested going outside for a walk and a joint. Well, how could she ever say no to that, really?

"I don’t know, Danny. I wouldn’t feel good using some dead woman’s money. It’s bad enough that we’ve bought her house…" She told him as she put the money back into the teapot and set it in one of the cabinets, closing it, before she looked at him, leaning back against the kitchen counter. "If I hear any strange noises in the middle of the night, I’m going to kick you until you wake up and sort it out, just so you know." Viola chuckled, her eyes lighting up with humor as she approached her boyfriend again and scratched his head gently, before laying a kiss on the top of his head. "Come. Let’s go out and enjoy the rest of the day before I regret my decision of coming here."

She walked out in front of him. The backyard was adorable. They could do all sorts of things there and apparently, if they walked straight ahead for about five miles, there should be a small lake there or something. Creepily enough to give her the chills while thinking about small animals getting into their house, but the place was, nevertheless, adorable. When he finally joined her, she smiled again, leaning against him. “So this is it, huh? Adult life and all that crap. We have our own house now, so let’s smoke to that.”

"All right, universe, enough screwing around."


001: Dead on arrival.


The drive had been long, but he hoped that it would be worth the wait. It had taken the two of them months to find a place that was in their budget and in a nice enough area. The apartment that they previously lived in was in a loud area. A lot of children screaming, parents that screamed back. Cars constantly honking. The worst was the amount of gun shots and emergency services that were heard late at night. It was a little alarming, which prompted the two of them to hold a talk in the living room on a new place to call home.

One that was in a quiet countryside with a quaint little abode, one with a driveway and a backyard. They looked all over for a place that fit their description and finally, there sat the home that seemed to be created for them. Daniel was, at the very least, excited and volunteered to drive the couple and their things the entire way.

It took two days, stopping at a hotel to sleep and then driving through the rest of the day. Well worth the tiring trip, he yawned as he looked down at the GPS that had been their guide and savior during the trip. “Can you change the music, babe?” He asked of his girlfriend, Viola. It had been on shuffle, but somehow it began to play music that all sounded the same.

He could only take so much, otherwise it was torturous to his ear drums. He drummed along to the next song as he gladly pulled into the driveway of the home that matched the photographs on the website that they had found the small house on. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. A kitchen, a living room, and a large backyard fenced in. It was a perfect starter home, despite the obvious repairs. Nothing he and his better half couldn’t handle.

"There it is," He smiled as he parked the car and leaned over to press a kiss to his girlfriend’s lips. Daniel smiled at her for awhile, happy for the two of them and even happier that this could be the next step in their relationship. Christ, he loved her.

Once inside with half of their boxes, they decided for a long break. “We could leave the rest out there until tomorrow, if you’d like?” He asked and as he looked through the cabinets of the previous tenants to see if anything had been left behind, he found a teapot. “It looks brand new.” Daniel muttered and much to the disgust of his girlfriend, decided to keep it. “It’s just dusty. We can use it. It isn’t like we’ve got that much money. Want some tea?” 

Daniel walked over to the box where he was sure there was some tea and opened it, poking around until he jerked backwards. “Shit,” He muttered as he lifted his hand away and watched as blood trickled down his finger. “I guess we didn’t wrap those knives too well.” He said and grabbed one of the kitchen towels to wrap his hand. He had bandages somewhere…

"We are looking for someone with more experience in the area, miss Blake."

Viola tried to keep that innocent smile on her face. The one she’s had ever since she was a child, according to pictures scattered around the houses that she grew up in. With her parents constantly moving around, it was hard to create some roots, to bond with someone. That didn’t change until she moved away to college and stayed in one place for about four to five years. That’s where she met Daniel. That’s where she started dating Daniel and where she had accepted to move in together with him. Things were harsh, but they survived.

Before they moved to the countryside, Vi had to deal with constant motor noises and gunshots, now that they were getting the hell away from the big city and starting over their lives, there was a certain fear that lingered in her chest. There were lots of feelings that crowded her chest and caused her to be very afraid of that next step towards adulthood.

We are going to be just fine…

Or at least that’s what she told herself while Danny drove them towards their new chapter in their lives. Leaning closer to him, the brunette pressed a kiss on his cheek. Over the course of five years together, Vi couldn’t remember someone that she had loved and trusted as much as she did Daniel. He was her bolt of sunlight in her darkest days, he was her best friend, the drop of sarcasm that she needed daily, the hint of kindness and goodness… He was her everything. Even her parents seemed to agree that she had hit the jackpot when she introduced charming lil Daniel to them.

We are going to be fine. We’ll make it.

Their new house wasn’t much, but it was home. Or at least, Vi would try her best to turn it into a home. With half of the boxes already in the house, she figured they could take a break and look around for a moment, enjoy themselves, maybe christening some parts of the house, kick started their new life. Maybe this could be a good thing, moving into a completely new place, meet new people, make new friends. Yes, that would be good.

Violet walked to him. They had been chattering all day long, talking about how amazing their new lives would be, but she hadn’t actually told him how on board she was for this. Not ever since they finished putting their things in the car and hit the road. “Hey…” Sliding one hand up his chest, she cut him off with a kiss, while he was talking about changing the colors of the kitchen walls. It was not an urgent kiss, it didn’t scream ‘take me right here, right now’. No, it was a simple, yet passionate kiss. It meant ‘I love you’ in the sweetest way. “I’m happy. Are you happy?” She asked, her lips still brushing against his due to the proximity and she nuzzled the tip of her nose against his, before pulling away, fingers pushing his golden brown hair away from his forehead. “An yes, I would love some tea, mr. My parents are British.” Vi teased, giggling as she walked away from him, in order to unpack yet another box.

She heard his little gasp and turned around with a frown, pouting her lips as she took his hand and sucked on his finger, trying to get rid of the blood. “Sit.” Vi pointed towards the nearest chair and sighed. “I just unpacked our first-aid kit. Sit.” Placing a kiss on his forehead, the brunette walked back towards where she had set the first-aid kit, then returned to her boyfriend, to clean and put a band-aid on his small cut. “I think it’s best if I made the tea. Mr. Brit is wounded now.” Viola was used to teasing Danny. It was how they kept things light around each other. He teased her and she teased him. It was simple with them. Simple, light, easy…

Opening the teapot, the brunette frowned, turning to her boyfriend and pulling some money bills from there. “Shit, Dan… Didn’t you say the old owner had died? I think she left a bunch of money here…” She looked up at him and pursed her lips together, closing the distance between them so that she could sit on his lap. “Would we be considered bad people of we used it? I mean… It’s not like she’s going to need it anymore, right?”